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Twinsource Transfer Switch LogoRack-Mount Transfer Switches & Dual Cord Conversion Devices

For additional technical or application engineering information on how best to implement TwinSource Rack-Mounted Static Transfer Switches to your site, please fill out the request form below and send us your questions, or contact us directly at:

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TwinSource USA
32333 Aurora Road
Solon, Ohio, 44139, USA
Contact: Fred Tamjidi
(216) 408-2888

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TwinSource Ltd, UK
78 Kenyon Street
London SW6 6LB, UK
Contact: John Barrett
Mobile: +447831174156
+44 (0) 20 7386 9432


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[Photos of typical sites where rack-mounted static transfer switches are used due to criticality of their operations.]

rack-mount static switch application photo

rackmount static transfer switch photo

rackmounted static transfer switch application photo

rackmount automatic static transfer switch application photo

rack-mount automatic static transfer switch application photo

Stand alone static transfer switches photo

rack-mounted static transfer switches photo

TwinSource USA • 32333 Aurora Road • Solon, Ohio, 44139, USA • (216) 408-2888
Contact: Fred Tamjidi •

All specifications subject to change at supplier discretion without advance notification.

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