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TwinSource Introduces DCC-II series of Fault Tolerant Rack-Mount Static Transfer Switches

TwinSource, LLC, a leading supplier of rack-mounted static switch systems introduces its DCC-II series of Fault Tolerant Rack-Mount Static Transfer Switches in the ratings of 10-50A for single phase, 2 pole, 50 or 60Hz, 120V, 208V, 220V, 230V and 240V, certified to UL1008 Standards and CE labled for worldwide use on super-critical IT applications. These highly reliable rack-mount static transfer switch systems utilize TwinSource's patent pending Fast SCR Conduction State Detection (FSCSD) technology that enables these units to acquire a source and transfer in less than 4 ms. Combined with a reliable anti-cross connection circuitry, short/open SCR detection and protection systems, TwinSource Rack-Mount Static Switches provide a 100% assurance of a fast and reliable transfers between the user provided UPS sources without any risks of cross connection.

TwinSource, LLC
The Static Switch People
Solon, Ohio, USA

[Photos of typical sites where rack-mounted static transfer switches are used due to criticality of their operations.]

rack-mount static switch application photo

rackmount static transfer switch photo

rackmounted static transfer switch application photo

rackmount automatic static transfer switch application photo

rack-mount automatic static transfer switch application photo

Stand alone static transfer switches photo

rack-mounted static transfer switches photo

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