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TwinSource Fault Tolerant Super-Redundant Rack-Mounted Static Switches now utilize the most advanced management tools for remote monitoring of many groups of systems through the web:

TwinSource, LLC now offers three levels of remote monitoring capabilities for its multi-national users of TwinSource Rackmount Static Transfer Switch systems:

  • Volt-Free contacts for a simple remote annunciation. Information is gathered and transmitted by the BMS.
  • RS-485 output with Modbus RTU Open Protocol to connect to BMS systems (Building Management Systems) for reporting of a list of 30 status and alarm conditions. The static transfer switch systems can be daisy chained in a multi-drop configuration for ease of installation at the lowest cost (Vs. star or radial configurations where every static switch has to have a dedicated line to the BMS at great added expense). The BMS can then be accessed by the FM managers in the facility or by the headquarters FM staff through the web who can view the complete background and current status of their TwinSource rack-mounted static switches.
  • Ethernet Interface is offered through a rack-mounted ETU device. This device enables the connection of the rack-mounted static switches mentioned above to the corporate LAN instead (rather than to the BMS). The LAN can then be accessed by the IT management at the facility or from anywhere in the world by the headquarters IT management, to review the status of each and every static switch.

TwinSource, LLC
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[Photos of typical sites where rack-mounted static transfer switches are used due to criticality of their operations.]

rack-mount static switch application photo

rackmount static transfer switch photo

rackmounted static transfer switch application photo

rackmount automatic static transfer switch application photo

rack-mount automatic static transfer switch application photo

Stand alone static transfer switches photo

rack-mounted static transfer switches photo

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