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TwinSource announces the use of a Power Quality Seeking logic strategy in its rack-mount static transfer switches:

TwinSource, LLC of Solon, Ohio, USA, a leading supplier of Rack-Mounted Static Switches announces the use of a Power Quality Seeking logic strategy in its rack-mount static transfer switches. This strategy, unique to only TwinSource, also known as our "Tri-Band Sense & Transfer Control System" breaks the voltage band into more slices to enable the static transfer switch to continuosly select the better quality source for the critical loads. This superior source quality seeking strategy prevents the critical IT loads from sitting on the edge of CBEMA or IT curves for long periods of time, thus creating the higher risks associted with forced transfers upon loss of source on one side. The earlier than unacceptable range transfers allow full back up of 2 sets of both power and logic components associated with each source to enable a recovery in case of loss of an internal redundancy on the conducting or active side. If transfers are made only after a source is unacceptable, while in that state there is no redundancy left in the drives and power components since the source enabling the utilization of the redundant components is not available.

This superb capability ensures that the user critical computers, servers, and communication equipment see a much higher quality voltage thereby enabling them to operate at optimum efficiency and maximum performance which may not be possible with a continuous long term exposure to very low voltage conditions (demanding higher currents with raised temperature due to higher losses).

TwinSource, LLC
The Static Switch People
Solon, Ohio, USA

[Photos of typical sites where rack-mounted static transfer switches are used due to criticality of their operations.]

rack-mount static switch application photo

rackmount static transfer switch photo

rackmounted static transfer switch application photo

rackmount automatic static transfer switch application photo

rack-mount automatic static transfer switch application photo

Stand alone static transfer switches photo

rack-mounted static transfer switches photo

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